Jean Elder House

Jean Elder House: Jean Elder House is a former fraternity house with a community room and laundry facilities close to the center of town that has been converted into apartments for elderly and disabled people. There are three units: a one, a two and a three bedroom apartment, as well as three apartments that are rented to social service agencies whose clients have specific disabilities.

Rent for these programs is figured annually on each tenant's or family's income after allowable deductions: 30% of the monthly income for elderly and disabled programs with all utilities included.

Gross household income must not exceed the following limits.  Income limits below at 80% Area Median Income (AMI), are the most recently released by HUD.

Family Size Income Limit
1 Person $44,800
2 People $51,200
3 People $57,600
4 People $64,000
5 People $69,150
6 People $74,250